Thursday, November 22, 2012

Review: Lempah Kuning

Lempah Kuning (Lempah means stew/soup, Kuning means Yellow) is claimed to be the most authentic cuisines and the most popular in Bangka. Until now, Lempah Kuning is still the most widely cooked dish there.

Lempah Kuning is the 'generic' name used. To specify the dishes, sometimes they call it Lempah Laut (litt: sea lempah) with fish as its main ingredients, or Lempah Darat (litt: land lempah) which use vegetables.

The presence of pineapples grant the Lempah Kuning fragrant aroma and a bit of a sour taste. Yummy.. In general, this dish is actually very similar to Asam Pedasin Riau or pindang in South Sumatra.

As the islands are surrounded by sea with the wealth of the abundant marine sources of protein, fish is the most important element in Bangka culinary. In most events, fish always present as main dish.

The taste of Lempah Kuning is light and refreshing. The smell of Bangka Shripm Paste- especially from the Toboali - make this dish more special. the spices used are quite simple -chili, garlic and onions, ginger, and turmeric -

The score from Fairie:
Healthy: 9.5/10.0
Delicious: 8.0/10.0
Price: 7.0/10.0

Overall: 8.2/10.0

Yes, we'll definitely eat it again..

Monday, November 19, 2012

New Leaf..

Adaptability is the most important ability to cope with change. We went through a lot of changes in our live in these recent months. Unexpected pregnancy, the decision of sal's job change, the decision of rie to stop working, moved out of town etcs .
To adapt is a word that is easy to say, but not easy to do.language barriers, issues in new place such as shelter, water, electricity, vehicles, weather and the rhythm of life, they all need adaptation. It was worsen by extended family conflict, health problems, childbirth preparation, and reduced family income.
So, how to solve?

Stay committed and endure...


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ujung Genteng Trip Plan (2)


The fixed pax-unrelated cost will be for fuel, parking, and toll:
Toll cost will be:
Jakarta Inner Ring Road : 2 x 7 K
Jakarta-Bogor-Ciawi        : 2 x 7K
Total                                  : 42 K
à approx 45 K
à 16 hours round trip.. approx. rest every 3 hours:  3 stops x 2K à 6K.
Venue 6x 5K
à 30 K
Etcs 3x 2K
à 6 K
Total 42 K
à 45 K
Fuel: 230 KM à 460 Round Trip + approx 30 kmà
500 km round trip : 12 km/L *Rp. 5K/L =  208.300 à 210.000
Total Toll + Parking + Fuel = 210 + 45 + 45 = 290 K à 300 K

Budgeting for Two (1650K; 825 K/pax)
Transport            300K
Lodging               max. 450K
à 225/night
Meals&snack     max. 270K
Activities             500-630 K
Budgeting forThree (2200K; 735/pax)
Transport            300K
Lodging                max. 675K
à 330/night
Meals&snack     max. 405K
Activities              685-880 K 1.380 K
Budgeting for Four (2800K; 700/pax)
Transport            300K
Lodging               max. 900K
à 450/night
Meals&snack     max. 540K
Activities            880-1150  1950K

Where to Stay

Reccomended hotels / hostels around Ujung Genteng around 225-450 K/nite
PONDOK ADI0818 10 11 59 (Adiwinata) (Call/Text Message)
0818 699 203 (Henry) (Call/Text Message
)-Pondok Cigebang No. 1à (2 Bed Rooms 6 x 9 m² + Center Room + Kitchen + Bathroom + Large Terrace) àWeekend / Public Holidays : Rp. 400.000,-
-Pondok Cigebang No. 2
à (2 Bed Rooms 6 x 9 m² + Living Room + Kitchen + Bathroom + Large Terrace)àWeekend / Public Holidays : Rp. 400.000,-
-Pondok Ombak Tujuh No. 1
à(2 Bed Rooms 6 x 9 m² + Living Room + Kitchen + Bathroom + Large Terrace)à Weekend / Public Holidays : Rp. 400.000,-
Pondok Ombak Tujuh No. 2
à (2 Bed Rooms 6 x 9 m² + Living Room + Kitchen + Bathroom + Large Terrace)à Weekend / Public Holidays : Rp. 400.000,-
-Pondok Cibuaya No. 1
à (2 Bed Rooms 6 x 6 m² + Living Room + Kitchen + Bathroom + Small Terrace)àWeekend / Public Holidays : Rp. 300.000,-
Pondok Cibuaya No. 2à(2 Bed Rooms 6 x 6 m² + Living Room + Kitchen + Bathroom + Small Terrace)àWeekend / Public Holidays : Rp. 300.000,-
+ 6285219319854
+6285213507788; +6281572188558; +6281382586648
Cottage I&III
à3 kasur & 4 kasur à 300K weekdays Sept 2010 àngga tau skr berapa
Cottage II & IV
à 2 kasur à 175K( weekdays sept 2010àprobably 290K weekend nowadays)

0217509271 / 08138058544 /
à 1 room AC à315 ( weekdays sept 2010àsekarang mungkin 390 K weekend)
à 1 room AC à 195K ( weekdays sept 2010à probably 320K weekend nowadays)
à ceiling fan à 115 K( weekdays sept 2010à probably 190K weekend nowadays)
Telpon: 0251-337444  atau  HP: 0812-8774252
non AC
àmax 2pax/room à 200K (not updated yet
Pak Koboi  HP: 0818-06255770
HP: 0857-23062894
Pak Deddy   HP: 0815-63543189   HP: 0852-87536022

Curug Cikaso (entrance 10K, boat 100K/boat (bid it!!))
Curug Cigangsa (entrance 5K/pax)
Ujung Genteng EntranceFee/pax 2 K
Ojek Guide (180 K)
à5 venue+ 1 sunset
PangumbahanSea Turtles (entrance 5K) 2 times à 10K
AmandaRatuMini Tana Lot àfree

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Onigiri Love Story

Since we ate onigiri at Sanpachi Ramen, both of us have fancied it so much....Onigiri’s not as popular as other japanese dishes such as sushi or ramen in jakarta..It’s made from white rice and formed into triangular / round form..with or withour nori (seaweed....)The popular fillings are salmon, tuna, bonito, chicken teriyaki, beef teriyaki.
We’ve tried Sanpachi Ramen’s, Lawson Station’s, and Ichiban Sushi’s... the best so far is Sanpachi’s... but we are curious with Onigiri Futago in FX..want to try it someday
Sanpachi Ramen’s
Made in two flavor.. fish and chicken teriyaki...
Fai loves the chicken one, Rie loves the fish one.
(+) The size’s around fist size...enough for girl-portion.
(+)with a bit of salty taste in rice... so yummy..
(+) abundant nori on the bottom of the onigiri....
hail Nori!!
(-) the fillings are too little.

 Lawson Stasion’s
They only have fish... Sake (salmon), Maguro (tuna) mayonaise, and Okaka (roa/cakalang/bonito).
(+ )the rice is salty...luv it
(+) proportional fillings to the rice size
(+) they keep the onigiri warm
(-) The size’s too small...we need 1,5-2 nori towith
(-) the nori on the bottom of the onigiri is too little....
We prefer wider nori

Ichiban Sushi's
We forget the flavors they have, but we ordered Salmon Onigiri
(+) big size
(-) too cold..feels like it's taken from refridgerator
(-) unsalted rice

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ujung Genteng Trip Plan (1)

F: “Nyoh, long weekend nge-Ujung Genteng yukkkk..”
R: “emang kita atapnya pakai genteng?”
DHOARRRR.... untungnya dialog itu tidak pernah terjadi...

Ujung Genteng (literally means ‘end of the roof’..hey, whose roof??).. is a place in the south end of West Java... (not the south end of the roof..) notoriously known by its beautiful beach, seaturtles activity, and the waterfalls..It’s 7 hours driving from Jakarta...but it’s worth to visit... because many people say that Ujung Genteng is a hidden paradise... (yeah, paradise on long weekend!!!)

So....What Will We Do...

1. Observing Green Sea Turtles (Chelonia mydas) nesting their egg on the Pangumbuhan beach..
2. Watching sunset on the Ujung Genteng beach
3. Make love on the beach
3. Sunbathing –yummy tan skin, here I come...
4. Cheers the surfer on ‘Ombak Tujuh’ (seven waves) surfing spot.
5. Visit Curug (waterfall) Cikaso by boat or on foot...there’s 3 curugs to visit....(let’s visit em all)
6. Watch the palm sugar home industry

R: can we eat the egg?
F: Nop, darl..
R: they’re delicious!!
F: :o...-then vomit

How to get there...By car....either own car / rented is highly reccomended due to isolated area and the venues are separated

The Route;
Route #1 Jakarta – Ciawi – Cicurug – Cibadak – Pelabuhan Ratu – Cikembar – Jampang Kulon – Surade – Ujung Genteng .. approx 8,5 hours of driving
Route #2 Jakarta – Ciawi – Cicurug – Cibadak – Sukabumi – Jampang Tengah – Jampang Kulon – Surade – Ujung Genteng . approx 7 hours of driving (NOT walking)
Honestly, we still don’t know, which one’s better... but we surely gonna ask friends WHO CAN DRIVE to go with us on this trip...
In this 3 days trip... the budget will be around Rp.900K/pax all in. So, if it happens only both of us who can go there, there will be 1.800K/group. If we can find 1-2 more’ll be better, coz we’ll have 2.700K-3.600K/group


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Weekend schedule for married / engaged couples

For a married/engaged couple, sometimes 4 weeks a month never enough for people around us. The parents - the in laws - friends - they demand our time on weekend. But hey, we also need time to run errands, to escapade, and so on.
That's why, we commit to schedule our weekend into:
1 week of 'our own quality time,
1 week of family of Fai's time,
1 week of family of Rie's time,
1 week of friends and other errands time.
Of course these rules is for ' out of nest' couples only. we hope it could balance our life and will be fair for everyone.

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